Our Mission


The Free Lugo Committee is a Not-for-Profit Committee,  formed to support Manuel Lugo who has been incarcerated since February 19, 1991 for a crime that he did not commit.

To date, we have carried out several rallies, spoken at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, distributed brochures /information concerning Manuel Lugo’s wrongful conviction and continued incarceration.  We hope to make the general public aware of this injustice and and gain public support in our efforts.  Similar activities will take place until our goal is achieved  There is plenty of hard work ahead of us to achieve Manuel Lugo’s vindication and for that purpose, we need and want all the support that you can give us.  We are very dedicated to this just cause, because we are convinced that Manuel Lugo is innocent.

We live in a society that is ruled by laws and no man should be the subject of a wrongful conviction and incarceration.  The Laws of our Constitution must protect everyone equally.  Together we will achieve Manuel Lugo’s vindication.


Our vision is that justice prevail in this case.  That Manuel Lugo is vindicated and reunited with his family.  We also hope that Manuel Lugo’s vindication makes officials within our Criminal Justice System review any and all allegations of wrongful conviction, impartially and with the seriousness that it requires.