What the Colon and Ventura families should know:

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When Manuel Lugo was convicted, Carlos Ventura and Marilyn Colons family were convinced justice was done.

These families trusted the evidence at trial, as presented by the prosecuting attorney, Dawn Florio.  What these families did not know then, was that the case on trial against Manuel Lugo and Wilfredo Roman was a complete fabrication.  What these families did not know then was that they were being lied to by the prosecuting attorney.  These families were unaware of the fact that Roman did not kill Ventura and Colon under orders from Manuel lugo as the prosecution alleged during trial.  These families did not know then that lugo did not give anyone orders for Ventura to be killed.  When Lugo was convicted, these families thought that justice was served. Little did they know then, Ulysses “Chino” Mena, the person who confessed to killing Ventura and Colon (as records show) was given a free pass by the prosecution.  Lenin “Lenny” Sepulveda and Mena (as records show) were informants at the time that they rendered their admissions.

These families did not see justice materialize as they would have had, had the culprits responsible for the murders of Ventura and Colon been brought to justice.  These families were lied to and should demand that the case be reopened and that the individuals responsible for the death of Ventura and Colon be brought to justice.

The Ventura and Colon families should demand an explanation as to the reason why Mena, the confessed shooter, was never prosecuted (as records show) and will soon be released back into the same community where he admitted to viciously murdering Ventura and Colon.  Mena is scheduled to appear before the  parole board any given day.  In demanding justice, the Ventura and Colon families will get the satisfaction of bringing those who are really responsible for the deaths of their loved ones to face the punishment that they deserve.  It will also enable Lugo to have a legitimate chance to demonstrate his innocence before a jury that will be privy to the truth and  not just what the prosecution wants them to hear.

Lugo is innocent and the evidence in this case clearly demonstrates that Lugo was railroaded from the very start of the prosecution against him.  Unless Manuel Lugo is given the fair trial that he has been denied, a fair trial where the truth will be brought to light, those responsible will never be held accountable for the deaths of Colon and Ventura.  It is extremely sad that Ventura and Colon, two innocent human beings, lost their lives for no reason whatsoever and that the person who killed them got a slap on the wrist by the prosecution and has not been brought to justice.  It is also extremely sad that Lugo is incarcerated for a crime that he did not commit.

The District Attorneys Office will try convincing the Ventura and Colon families that justice was served by convicting Lugo.  Sepulveda still says that he ordered the murders at Lugos behest.  But whatever happened to the well tailored story presented at trial which Angel Otero fabricated and the prosecution did not correct?  Wasn’t Otero telling the truth, according to the prosecution, when he testified that he heard Lugo order Roman to kill Ventura?  Why should we now believe Sepulveda when he alleges that he ordered Mena to kill Ventura at Lugos behest?  We not only want justice for Manuel Lugo who we know is innocent, we also want justice for the victims and their families.

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  • deida

    Well if this is true then how do we reopen the case. This is my sister they killed and I will love to follow this case. I forgave Lugo but I know he had to do with the murders also.


    My name is Mario and I am film maker. I AM VERY INTERESTED IN THE LUGO STORY AND I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOUR SIDE OF THR FAMILY. Get in contact with me by email Mr_dreqi@yahoo.com

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